DP Healthcare is an integrated practice facilitating innovative design collaborations to meet the ever evolving challenges of the healthcare industry. In partnership with your business aspirations, we can optimize operational efficiencies through the design process utilizing the latest knowledge of best practices. Our healthcare architects have a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of all types of medical facility, thereby exceeding our clients’ prescriptive project expectations.

“At DPH, we undertake every project with care, dedication and fervour. We see ourselves as being part of the system that saves lives. No project is over until we are sure your goals are fulfilled.”

— Tania Wee

By using structured methodologies and a collaborative approach, DPH creates a problem solving, rather than conflict-oriented environment. When implemented, the strategic plan will move the medical facility towards a smooth, efficient operation, while maintaining quality patient care.

No one knows more about your hospital than you and the people who work there.