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Integrated and Innovative Approach

No one knows more about your hospital than you and the people who work there. DP Healthcare (DPH) understands this. Therefore, rather than ‘dictating’ a strategic plan, DPH guides your hospital’s management team through an integrated approach to develop your own plans and make your own decisions about the future direction of your hospital.

Because your management team will work on issues affecting your hospital and because we work as a group, DPH’s approach would result in:

  • 1Consensus among your hospital’s people
  • 2Clear Understanding of evolving healthcare needs
  • 3Focus on quality patient care
  • 4Commitment to innovation and strategic change


DPH’s strategic planning process is a reflection of the thought processes that have been successfully used by many hospitals to develop a coherent strategy to deal with the environment your hospital faces. It is a pragmatic, time-efficient decision making ‘framework’ that will enable your management to clarify and articulate the strategic vision they wish to pursue.

In essence, by using DPH’s structured methodologies, the collaborative approach will create a problem solving, rather than conflict-oriented, environment. When implemented, the strategic plan will move the hospital towards a smooth, efficient operation, while maintaining quality patient care.